Today we released a web development edition of AIDE on Google Play. It comes with full-blown Html, Css and JavaScript editor support – including live error checking and code completion –, a quick way to preview your web pages even on other devices, and interactive courses for JavaScript and web development skills.

AIDE v2.6 introduces a new interactive course for learning game development. It covers the basics, scene setup, rendering game scenes with images and textures, movement, physics and user interaction. We plan to add more lessons in the future.

AIDE premieres interactive coding lessons directly integrated into the app. There are two courses, one teaching basic Java skills, the other for Android-specific development. It is possible to switch from the tutorial directly to the IDE to continue developing an app using the sample code of the lesson as a base.

The interactive courses offer hours of material and we plan to continuously extend them to cover more topics. Access to all interactive courses is included in the AIDE Prime Subscription.

We will add the much requested support for non-Android Java development to AIDE.

AIDE 2.2 features many UI enhancements for faster coding including a context action bar for the editor, selection handles, quick keys and more.

We will show how developers can use AIDE to develop a fully functional Android app using only their Android device. We will also show how AIDE makes it easy for developers to switch back and forth between a PC dev environment (Android Studio or Eclipse) and AIDE for on-the-go development. Finally, we will give technical insights about the making of AIDE, and show how we solved the technical challenges to get a complete scalable Android toolchain working on Android itself.

We have just released a companion tool to AIDE. It is a full featured UI Designer running directly on Android devices.

This app can run standalone and is also fully integrated into AIDE if both are installed. It can import and export Android layout XML files, which are used by the Android SDK to define user interface layouts.

Available now in the Google Play Store.

Develop cross-platform Apps with HTML5/CSS/JavaScript and PhoneGap/Cordova

We have just released AIDE for PhoneGap, an edition of AIDE specificially designed for creating PhoneGap/Cordova apps. AIDE for PhoneGap now gives developers of PhoneGap apps the same stunning level of development comfort on-the-go that AIDE has offered for native Android development so far.